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your photo session includes...

* I will do my very best to make you love all your portraits.

Questions you might have

I don't think I have an interesting story to tell?

The biggest misconception is that our story has to be a great saga. The origin story concept comes from superheroes and I believe we are all superheroes. Maybe not to the whole world but to the people who matter most: ourselves and our loved ones.

Maybe your story is one of a loving mother who wants to reconnect with her feminine side and have beautiful photos to pass on to her children one day. Or you recently made a great promotion at work and want to celebrate your achievement and independence. Maybe you've overcome your insecurities, embraced your body and want to celebrate your new found confidence.

Almost no one is professionally photographed after their wedding day...But there are so many more milestones in life worth documenting and celebrating!

  • Can I do the shoot with anyone else?

    Of course! The photo session comes with a make-over for two. I encourage you to make it a fun girls-day-out, so you can bring your best-friend / sister / mother / daughter.
    More people are also welcome! I don't charge extra for the photoshoot but if they also wish to have a make-over that is €50 extra.

  • I don't feel confident about my body?

    As a plus-size woman I know the feeling all too well. A photoshoot is however the perfect opportunity to gain your confidence back! We are so much more than our bodies. True beauty comes from the inside, let's focus on your smile, brains and strength!
    I was a plus-size model for a couple of years so I'm an expert in posing and lighting curvy bodies ;) I will make you look your best and have your personality outshine any imperfections.

  • How much does it cost?

    Because you only buy what you love; everyone spends a different amount. The full photo session including hair and make-up styling for two is €249. The photos are sold separately and start at €195 for a 20x30cm fine-art print + the digital file. So you can have the full experience starting from €444. For a full price please share your wishes and I can give you a custom quote.

  • I only want digitals?

    The price is for both the digital files and the prints. It stays the same whether you take the prints or not. I would strongly advise you to take the prints. The technical progression is going so fast we don't know what digital mediums we will have in 10 years. New laptops don't even have a USB slot anymore, you also can't frame an USB stick and hang it on the wall...


Even though we live in a digital age, there is nothing like the look and feel of a beautiful print. The texture and rich contrast of a professional photo print on fine art paper make the portrait come to life. When displayed in your home they will be a daily reminder of the best version of yourself and give an immediate confidence boost.

Over the years I've sampled photo products from companies all over the world in search of the best craftsmanship and products. All products are premium quality and will last for more than a hundred years so they can become treasured family heirlooms.

Where would you display your prints? 


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