A Portrait Project

The Concept

150 years ago Aletta Jacobs was the first woman to be accepted into a Dutch University. Since then Women rights have come a long way. We got voting rights and currently female students are in the majority at most Dutch Universities. But in science and tech studies the average is still only around 30% and in research even less. So there is still a way to go.

Inspiration for this project came while I worked as an event manager at the TU/e. During a girls night we were planning on a fun night with karaoke but it turned into a very open and honest conversation about the stereotypes, inequality and sometimes blatant sexism female students endured. So afterwards whenever I spoke to women who worked in science I would ask what its like to work in a male environment and they often still face the same struggles.

With this project I want to Highlight how far Women in Science have come, bring an Ode to modern day women who are still pioneers in a lot of work fields but also convey the Message that we're not there yet. Women are in science but we haven't reached equality yet. Imagine how much advancement and innovation could be achieve if it didn't matter in what type of body a smart brain was born...

The project will consist of personal stories and portraits of modern women made with a technique and camera from the 1850's. So from a time when it was impossible to imagine women working in science, but now it's a reality. So we shouldn't stop believing and dreaming about what can be achieved in the next 150 years!

Are you a woman studying or working in science / tech and would you like to join the project? Fill in the form below.

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You will have your portrait taken and I will interview you about your experience as a woman in science.  Afterwards you will receive a scan of your portrait. The portraits and interviews will be used in exhibitions and a book.

Thank you! I will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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The process starts with a glass or aluminium plate, which is made light sensitive in the silverbath. After leaving the bath everything has to be done under a red save light. The plate is loaded in the camera and the photo can be taken. The next step is developing the plate. This is when the first hints of the portrait become visible.

During the fixation process the image goes from negative to positive, a beautiful and magical chemical reaction. Finally the plate has to be varnished, as pure silver will oxidize when exposed to moisture. .

The wetplate collodion experience

A look behind the scenes


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